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This is a revolutionary way of building a cyc wall. It is a polystyrene insert that is adhered to an existing sheet rock wall and a concrete or wooden floor. This is the only solid pre-fab cyc system available.


Our product uses a


solid foam structure covered in a


concrete-like material that is very economical.



Our material is less expensive


and installation labor is minimal. The


material used even improves the


acoustics of your studio by absorbing






Other systems currently available are hollow


and fragile and have a tendency to


crack at the seams from stress. The


weight of constant re-painting sometimes


causes sagging between ribs. Our system


is a solid structure throughout and the


seams are chemically welded together.  



Temperature changes will not crack seams.


 Multiple coats of paint will not make it sag


and actually add strength. Blemishes are


easily repaired with spackle.  Contact info and more videos at bottom of page.


 Here is a time lapse of a clients cyc install in the Washington D C area. The install was completed a few days before the 2011 earthquake. The cyc system survived without one crack.-


Here is a video of a cyc install using a smaller radius -


Here is the largest cyc I have installed for


Nationwide Insurance Home office has two of my cycs now- An "L" shape and a Egg cyc-


Affordable Cyc wall System is owned and copyrighted by

Todd Dean Filmworks -  contact info-   614 266 1211